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Our story right now is to run a startup that lets the design and coding world play together for good causes. Don’t get us wrong, we do understand that Codebornia is far from that yet, and as a pilot is just the beginning – this beta version has some difficulties, from many aspects.. Please let us know if you see there is room for improvement.. As a first step please join us on the ride to enjoy our first game: an interactive, Commodore 64 retro style, cartoon format, post apocalyptic story – our first genre experiment!
Codebornia team
  • 363D1
    the concept
  • P37R4N65
    the system
  • M0RIAR71
    the Mensa IQ
  • 1MR31
    the back
  • M4Y3R
    the front
  • 501
    the Mensa EQ
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